Evelyn Cintron 346-307-6015

Business Development Manager

Evelyn Cintron is a Business Development Manager for Off Duty Management (ODM). Evelyn’s background includes 27 years of law enforcement experience as a senior Police Commander. Evelyn is an expert at gathering data and analyzing cultural, educational, social and demographic needs to develop and implement dynamic programs for the community and police department. She is an adept leader who achieves performance excellence by developing productive relationships. Evelyn’s previous position consisted of the day to day operations, business operations and strategic planning of a collaborative effort between the PPD and a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization focused on supporting inner-city youth to advance the organizations mission. Evelyn holds multiple law enforcement training certifications and is a member of several Law Enforcement boards. Evelyn holds a A.S.S. in Criminal Justice from Philadelphia Community College and is currently pursuing her B.S/Master’s Degree from the University of North Georgia.