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Shielding Off-Duty Police: Liability Insurance for Off-Duty Jobs

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When police officers take on off-duty assignments, they face the same potential for deadly force situations as they do during their regular shifts. In the event of a use-of-force incident, it raises the critical question: Who safeguards these officers as they navigate the subsequent civil and criminal processes?

Fatal shooting at WV job site involving off-duty security officer

A 64-year-old man died from a gunshot wound after allegedly causing a disturbance at a job site near Pinch, WV. An off-duty officer working security for TC Energy fired their weapon in response to the incident involving oil company trucks.

New details released after off-duty Pineville officer shoots, kills suspect

A Pineville police sergeant shot and killed an accused shoplifter after a confrontation escalated from a Food Lion to a nearby apartment complex. The suspect allegedly lunged for an officer’s gun after being tased, prompting the sergeant to fire.

IMPD bodycam, security videos share details into deadly mass shooting on city’s east side. 

IMPD released a video detailing a March shooting incident at a bar where one person was killed and five others, including an off-duty officer, were injured. The incident started with a fight inside the bar and escalated when a suspect fired shots from the parking lot at officers and others.

Off-Duty Blind Spot

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