Our Solution

Collaboration is instrumental between us and the following three key stakeholders of your off-duty program: your agency, law enforcement officers and customers.

We begin by partnering with you to learn about your current program to guarantee we meet the needs of each of the stakeholders. To accomplish this, we utilize our internal team of experts in operations, technology, customer service, payroll and invoicing to develop the best comprehensive solution.

From the initial meeting to ongoing services; we will provide timely and consistent communication along with detailed reporting to all stakeholders. Our expectation is to have a smooth transition and ongoing commitment to excellence with us representing your agency and providing customers with the exceptional service that they expect and deserve.


OfficerTRAK® was designed with officers in mind. Off Duty Management uses OfficerTRAK® to provide an easy way to submit and select jobs and document working hours. Officers can build their schedule on the in-app calendar to coordinate what works best for them and on their time. Within the jobs they will see the location, time, date, job type and other notes so officers can select jobs easily and quickly. This solution has no cost to the agency and offers a dedicated operations manager and a 24/7 customer service department readily available.

Payroll / Invoicing

We understand that being paid on time and without hassle is an important part to off duty work. The OfficerTRAK® mobile app will ensure a simply and seamless process along with an accurate record for all off duty hours. We offer direct deposit for all officers and pay our officers weekly, always. We also offer to electronically transmit payroll to the agency for distribution. Our commitment and guarantees are that all officers are paid on time and assume the responsibility for invoicing and payment collection from the customers. Our highly skilled and detailed accounting department will streamline and facilitate this process to relieve off duty payroll responsibilities from your agency.


Our commitment is to give officers peace of mind that they are covered while working their off duty jobs. We also understand the need for your customers to know they are protected from liability with off duty assignments, our team listened and with this information we developed the most thorough insurance program in the industry.

Our comprehensive insurance program includes:

  • General Liability
  • Aggregate insurance for bodily injury and property damage
  • Workers’ Compensation