Will OfficerTRAK® replicate our current method of distributing jobs to the officers?

Our software can easily replicate jobs by seniority, sequencing, bidding, fairness factors and immediate release to all. We own and design our software, so we have the flexibility to customize all jobs based on the agency’s needs and protocol.

Our community partnership and officer opportunity are a top priority, will we lose customers and jobs when an administration fee is attached to our current rates?

Industry data and our experience tell us that there is little or no loss of net customers and jobs. Additionally, there may be an increase in requested hours and jobs based on the seamless, efficient and simplified process that accompanies our service guarantee, 24/7 customer support and comprehensive insurance offering for your agency customers.

How secure is the officer’s personal information within OfficerTRAK®?

OfficerTRAK® is a secure web platform meeting PCI DSS certified security protocols. The mobile application meets the Android and Apple security requirements.

How do the officers sign up for the shifts?

Utilizing our OfficerTRAK® app that is available for both IOS and Android phones, officers have the ability to select the shifts they want to work within the app. Officers will have the ability to clock in and out on the app and utilize the calendar functions to monitor any on duty time conflicts they may have.

OfficerTRAK® also provides a historical view to see all past jobs and hours worked.

How does a customer submit a request for an officer?

Customers can submit a request through our OfficerTRAK® web portal or they call it in utilizing the toll free number where they have access to our customer service team 24 hours/day, 365 days/year.

Can limits be set for the number of hours/shifts an officer can work in a day/week?

Yes, using our proprietary OfficerTRAK® software we can configure the publish engine to work with parameters that will restrict officers view to open jobs if they have already met the agency’s threshold for max hours per day, week, or month for that selected timeframe.

What is the approval process for requests?

We follow the agency’s policy and procedure guidelines for all service requests. When we receive a request that requires extra guidance before approval, we contact our designated agency representative for direction before approving request.