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OfficerTRAK® is the industry-leading proprietary scheduling software solution for law enforcement that streamlines off-duty processes and provides accountability utilizing web and mobile applications. It’s organized on a platform that connects your agency with its officers and customers.

  • Secure Cloud-based Scheduling Software
  • Free Agency & Officer Use
  • Configurable to Support Agency Policies
  • Data Continually Backed Up & Protected
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OfficerTrak Mobile App

OfficerTRAK® Mobile App

The OfficerTRAK® mobile app is more than just a scheduling app. It allows officers to track every detail of their off-duty assignments from the palm of their hands. It also provides needed visibility and communication to safely work an off-duty job. 

  • Clock-In and Clock-Out
  • Search & Find Jobs
  • Review Job History
  • View Calendar & Notifications
  • Communicate with the Administrator
  • Attach Photos and Field Notes

Top-Rated Extra-Duty Details Mobile App

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OfficerTRAK® was designed By Officers For Officers. OfficerTRAK® provides an easy way to submit, select jobs, and document hours. OfficerTRAK® boasts the combined highest rating across iOS and Android platforms, making it the top-rated off-duty mobile app on the market.

What Officers are Saying about OfficerTRAK®

“Excellent app. Great way to keep you up to date on your off-duty assignments. No more forgetting when and where you are scheduled to work. Also, it’s a great way to see open job opportunities.”

Police Officer MA, Google Review

“OfficerTRAK® has helped out in a couple of ways. The big thing for me is that officer safety is always the number one factor. Before that was an informal process that we had to keep an eye on. This gives us the ability to actually look at a program and see if an officer is having an issue or something that we need to address.”

DeputyDCP, Apple Review

“After over 21 years of coming into the station at the crack of dawn to stand in line to sign up for available overtime, OfficerTRAK® has completely taken the hassle out of the equation. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the ease of it all.”

FCPD3011, Apple Review

Advantages for Extra-Duty Customers

OfficerTRAK off-duty vendor

Businesses that hire extra-duty services are an important part of your extra-duty program. We ensure your customers are satisfied with our solution too! We make it easy to enroll in our system and your customers have access to our 24/7/365 live Service & Support Team so they can get help whenever they need it. OfficerTRAK® technology gives your extra-duty employers these advantages:

  • Easy-To-Use Job Request Portal
  • Request Officers Anytime​
  • Real-time Access to Fill Status, Clock-ins, Clock-outs, and Field Notes
  • Flexible Reporting Functions ​
  • Elimination of Officer Payments & Tax Processing

    Configurable for Agency Policies & Rules

    Being Built by Officers for Officers means we understand the importance of maintaining control of policies and procedures. OfficerTRAK® keeps agency leadership in the driver’s seat by allowing you to:

    • Leverage Publishing & Distribution Tools
    • Manage Preferences, Schedules, & Bid Process
    • Access Optional Geo-Fencing Features
    • Customized Reports On-Demand
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    Captain Barry Hendrixson

    School Resource Officer Division at Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office in Murfreesboro, TN

    Over the last 30 years the RCSO has tried many different ways of managing and tracking outside employment that directly relates to the use of RCSO Deputies that provide various security details for “outside” vendors. I can say with all honesty that Off Duty Management is by far the best company that our agency has ever used.

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