Our Complete Solution

We provide a Complete Solution for your off-duty program at no cost to your agency, officers, or city. While other companies may only offer scheduling software, limited administrative services, or charge additional fees for insurance coverage, Off Duty Management provides all these components at no cost.

Our Complete Solution includes exclusive access to OfficerTRAK®, the top-rated off-duty mobile app, the highest liability limits in the industry, and a dedicated 24/7/365 Service & Support Team to assist your agency, officers, and customers – all at no cost!

 Save Time, Money, & Resources

(and Stress!)

Off Duty Management saves time, money, and resources while eliminating most off-duty risks and liabilities for your agency, officers, and customers. 

Off Duty Management Process Wheel
  • Customers Request Service Online or By Phone Anytime
  • Account Team Reviews Requests for Agency Compliance
  • Approved Requests Published to OfficerTRAK®
  • Officers Select Jobs On OfficerTRAK® Mobile App
  • Customers & Agency Can Review Job Details Online Anytime
  • Officers (or Agency) Are Paid Every Week – Guaranteed!
  • Invoicing and Collections Managed by Our Team
  • Standard & Custom Reports On-Demand Or Scheduled
  • Bonus! Highest Liability Coverage Provided at No Cost

The Benefits of Our Complete Solution


  • Save up to 85% in Time, Money, & Resources
  • No Cost; No Hidden Fees
  • 24/7/365 Service & Support
  • No Stress of Collections
  • Financial Risk Assumed by Off Duty Management
  • On-Time Payment Guaranteed
  • Compliant w/ Agency Policies
  • Minimize Liability and Risk
  • Real-Time Dashboard
  • Liability Insurance & WCI
  • And much more


  • Paid Weekly – Guaranteed!
  • No Cost; No Hidden Fees
  • Easy-To-Use OfficerTRAK® Mobile App
  • Fair Job Distribution
  • Job Notifications / Reminders
  • Calendar View and Options
  • Send Field Notes and Messages
  • No Paid Ads on OfficerTRAK® 
  • Liability Insurance & WCI
  • 24/7/365 Service & Support
  • And much more


  • Request Service Anytime, Online or By Phone
  • Estimate Job Requests
  • Check Request Status Online
  • 24/7/365 Service & Support
  • Eliminates Officer Payments
  • Eliminates Tax Statements
  • No Need to Provide COI
  • Convenient Payment Options
  • Real-Time & Historic Reports
  • And much more

Unmatched Service & Support

We support our partners with a dedicated Account Team and “anytime” access to our U.S.-based, bilingual, 24/7/365 Service & Support Team. Agencies can be assured that we are well-equipped to meet your needs while reinforcing a favorable relationship with your officers and off-duty employers.

  • Our average speed to answer service and support calls Live is less than 1 minute
  • Over 95%  of service and support calls are resolved in under 5 minutes 
  • Dedicated Implementation Manager provides Live onsite training at no cost
ODM Scheduling Software

Top-Rated Mobile App

OfficerTRAK® boasts the highest combined rating across iOS and Android platforms, making it the top-rated off-duty mobile app on the market. OfficerTRAK® is Designed By Officers For Officers and continually strives to innovate new features based on agency and officer feedback.

  • Consistently Adding New Features Requested by Users
  • True Mobile App vs Web Optimized App for Phone Use
  • Recovers Information Entered During Signal Loss
ODM Insurance

Best-In-Industry Insurance Protection

We are committed to protecting officers and deputies when working extra-duty details. We also understand that agencies and their extra-duty customers need protection as well. To fulfill this commitment, our team developed the most thorough insurance program in the industry.

  • AM Best Rated ‘A’ Liability Coverage 
  • Highest Liability Limit In the Industry
  • Full State-Statutory Workers’ Compensation 
  • Coverage Includes Agency, Officers, and Extra-Duty Customers 
ODM Vendor Management

Full Program Administration

We know you don’t want to give up total control of your off-duty program, but we’re confident you’d like to give up the strain it puts on your resources.  Our Complete Solution relieves the administrative tasks associated with your off-duty program. Off Duty Management does it all for you, from job requests to invoicing and collections to payroll.

  • Stay In Control of Your Program – We Follow Your Policies and We Do The Work
  • Guaranteed! On-Time Payment to Agency/Officers Regardless of Customer Payment Status
  • We Assume All Financial Risk
ODM No Cost

No-Cost Solution

Agencies, officers, and city/county governments never pay anything for our complete solution. We don’t charge additional fees for insurance or licensing/usage fees for OfficerTRAK® software. Off Duty Management charges extra-duty employers a minimal administrative fee, which is usually a small percentage of their total invoice. Here’s more of what we don’t do:

  • No In-App Advertisements 
  • No Unexpected Rate Increases 
  • No New Feature Add-On Fees 

We Are The Experts

in Off-Duty

At first, I was totally against it. I wanted to control everything. I wanted things the way I wanted them, but Off Duty Management actually gave our agency complete control.


Michael Soelberg

Chief, Gilbert, AZ Police Department

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