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According to recent city audits, most problems with extra-duty employment are completely avoidable with a centrally administered program that ensures accountability and transparency.  Don’t get caught in the Off-Duty Blind Spot!

The Off-Duty

Is your agency suffering from these blind spots?
  • Customer Pay Delinquency
  • Inability to Track & Report
  • Insufficient Liability Coverage
  • No Workers’ Compensation
  • Working Excessive Hours
  • Double Dipping

Many officers and agency leaders are unaware of the physical, financial, and legal risks of working off-duty jobs.

before it starts…


The number of agencies making the headlines from a lack of accountability, oversight, and transparency in their off-duty programs is steadily increasing. Reference our off-duty headlines archive to see why proper off-duty management is essential to your agency.

Mitigate Risk Before the Blind Spot Makes the Headlines

Recent audits show that most problems with off-duty employment are due to a completely avoidable blind spot: the lack of a centrally administered program that ensures transparency, oversight, and accountability of off-duty assignments.

Many agency leaders who are aware of the off-duty risks, simply don’t have the time, money, or other resources to address and prevent these issues. Some agencies who find themselves in the headlines for off-duty incidents feel they are forced to suspend off-duty jobs entirely. 

Since our company’s founding, Off Duty Management has been on a mission to protect and support our agency partners and provide agencies across the US with the tools they need to identify their off-duty blind spots to stay out of the headlines. 

Off-Duty Pitfalls Blind Spots Extra Duty

Source: Seth Stoughton (Law Professor, University of South Carolina) in “Moonlighting: The Private Employment of Off-Duty Officers”, 2016.

Blind Spot Articles & Presentations

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It’s nice that I know our program is managed within my expectations by a completely separate entity, and we have a great partnership with Off Duty Management.


Scott Brewer

Assistant Chief, Prosper, TX Police Department

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