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During Brian Manley’s time as the Chief of the Austin Police Department, employee health and wellness was a top internal priority for his administration. Brian created the Health and Wellness Bureau and appointed a Director that held the same level as his Assistant Chiefs.  He did this intentionally to highlight the importance of the Bureau. This alignment ensured the leadership of APD was aware of all situations related to employee health and wellness.

Brian’s dedication to the health and wellness of the officers in the Austin PD made him an excellent Police Chief and his experience creating an internal Health and Wellness Bureau made him a leading authority on the subject. It’s also why Brian saw a perfect fit with Off Duty Management’s core values of protecting and serving the brave men and women of law enforcement.

In addition to the usual responsibilities of being a company President, Brian uses this opportunity to spread the message of officer wellness and resiliency every chance he gets. On numerous occasions, he has been asked to speak about his experience developing the Health and Wellness Bureau and he helps agencies of all sizes understand that they can create a significant program with a similar focus.

Furthermore, Brian has leaned into the world of online communities with his very own podcast, Officer Wellness with Brian Manley, to reach more people in the law enforcement community. Each episode, Brian sits down with fellow law enforcement veterans and experts to discuss every facet of health and resiliency impacting officers today. He started this podcast in the hopes of spreading awareness, prompting more honest conversations, and encouraging officers who need help to get help.

Officer Wellness Podcasts | Season 4

B.J.        Wagner

EP 5
Beyond the Call

EP 6
Advancing Officer Health


John    Bostain

EP 7
Cultivating Officer Resilience
EP 8
Power of Positive Culture


John Bostain |  Command Presence Training

Dr. Katherine Kuhlman

EP 9
Advancing Officer Wellness


Dr. Katherine KuhlmanPsychologist | Counsel

Season 4 Episodes:

Officer Wellness Podcasts | Season 3

James Geering

EP 6
Transforming Trauma
EP 7
Optimizing Officer Fitness

James Geering |  Behind the Shield Host

Kristen Ziman

EP 8
A Chief’s Journey
EP 9
The Evolution of Policing

Kirsten Ziman |  Crisis Management Expert

Eric                    Reetz

EP 10
Building a Culture of Wellness
EP 11
Unveiling Wellness

Eric Reetz |  Police Officer

Season 3 Episodes:

Officer Wellness Podcasts | Season 2

Barbara Rubel

Jason Palamara

EP 5 & 6
LEO Trauma

Barbara Rubel | Author | Keynote Speaker

Matt Carter

EP 7
Reflect – Personal Relationships
EP 8
Mental Health Policing

Matt Carter | Speaker | Channel

Anka Vujanovic & Elizabeth Fletcher

EP 9 & 10
Mental Health Battles

Anka Vujanovic | Professor | Author

Season 2 Episodes:

Officer Wellness Podcasts | Season 1

Rick Randall

EP 1
PD Chaplain’s Perspective
EP 2
Wellness        Program Roadblocks

Rick RandallRetired LEO | Chaplain

Dr. Katherine Kuhlman

EP 3
LEO’s Mental Health
EP 4
Officer’s EAP

Dr. Katherine KuhlmanPsychologist | Counsel

Jonni Reddick

EP 5
Agency Leadership
EP 6
LEO Self-Care Needs

Jonni Redick | Retired L.E. Mentor Author

Season 1 Episodes:

I was looking for a way to continue serving the men and women of law enforcement and I found that opportunity with Off Duty Management. This company’s focus on protecting officers from the potential liabilities they face while working off-duty aligns with my commitment to officer wellness.” 

Brian Manley Signature

President, Off Duty Management

Retired Chief, Austin, TX Police Department

Crisis Helplines Info

Crisis helplines ensure every officer who may need emotional support can speak with a qualified individual for help on any day at any time. These services are free and confidential.


Call 1-866-676-7500

Or Text BLUE to 741741

Call 1-800-273-8255

Call 1-800-COPLINE

Officer Wellness Speaking Engagements

Utah Chiefs of Police Association

March 28 – 31, 2022

St. George, UT

National Association of Women Law Enforcement Executives (NAWLEE)

April 19 – 22, 2022

Miami, FL

National Organization of Black Law Enforcement (NOBLE)

July 22 – 27, 2022

Orlando, FL

For more information about the Officer Wellness podcast, or if you’d like Brian to speak to your organization, please email:

This company’s focus on protecting officers from the liabilities they face while working off-duty aligns with my commitment to officer wellness.


Brian Manley

President, Off Duty Management

Retired Chief, Austin, TX Police Department

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