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How much do your comprehensive services, insurance, and software cost?

Our services, including OfficerTRAK® software, ‘A’ rated general liability insurance, and statutory workers’ compensation are NO COST to your agency, municipality, and officers.

Who pays the officer?

Off Duty Management will follow the agency’s direction for officer payment. We can pay the officer directly or payment can be made to the municipality for internal payroll processing for the officer.

How much will the service cost our extra-duty employers?

Every agency’s needs and requirements for their off-duty program are different, and because of that, our administrative fees vary for each situation. Our fee is typically a small, reasonable percentage added to the officer’s hourly rate. It ensures all entities are protected by our program and the extra-duty employer receives numerous benefits that will reduce their overall costs and risk exposure.

Who is at risk for non-payment?

Off Duty Management assumes all financial risk associated with late or non-payment from the off-duty employer. The municipality, agency, and officers will never have any costs or financial responsibility for customer delinquency or non-payment. Off Duty Management guarantees that officers and agencies will be paid weekly, regardless of customer payment status.

How do rate changes take place? Rate escalation caps?

We will never change the rate from what is agreed upon in the service agreement with the municipality. We are Built By Officers For Officers and understand how important avoiding escalating fees are for your agency and community.

How would my agency's policies and processes be incorporated into this solution?

We understand that each agency is different and that is why we customize our services to fit your agency’s specific polices and needs. We completely follow your rules governing your off-duty program. We work exclusively for you!

Do you schedule all job details, or do you allow agency "coordinators" to schedule certain permanent details with their established group of officers who are familiar with the customer?

We can handle scheduling for all jobs and we can establish groups within our platform for specific jobs. However, your agency can also have coordinators if you choose to do so.

How do extra-duty employers schedule jobs?

Extra-duty customers can go to your agency’s website and click on the portal button to submit their requests. They will have a private online portal to submit the request and are able to see the request status. Your customers can also call us 24/7/365 to submit the request directly to us.

Please elaborate on the workers' compensation coverage.

We follow the state statute on workers’ compensation coverage. If an incident occurs, we need to be informed immediately and we will start working with the officer and agency on the next steps.

Please elaborate on the liability coverage that is offered.

We provide multi-million dollar ‘A’ rated comprehensive liability insurance coverage to your agency, officers, and customers. The agency will be named on our COI and we are happy to provide a copy of the COI upon request.

Will my agency lose customers and secondary jobs when an administration fee is added to our current rates? Our community partnerships and extra pay opportunities for our officers are important to us.

Off Duty Management has not experienced a net loss in hours or jobs with any agency during our tenure. To the contrary, we’ve actually seen an increase in the number of customers and the total number of hours available to work. Additionally, most of our agency partners have experienced an increase in job fill rates. Our administrative fee is very reasonable, and your customers will receive significant value in the forms of online access capabilities, reduction in internal labor costs, and comprehensive liability coverage which is provided at no additional cost.

Will OfficerTRAK® replicate our current method of distributing jobs to officers?

OfficerTRAK® can easily replicate your agency’s current job distribution method. We have the flexibility to customize jobs based on the agency’s needs, requirements, and protocols. Jobs can be assigned by seniority, sequencing, bidding, fairness factors, and immediately released.

How do officers sign up for shifts?

When officers utilize our OfficerTRAK® mobile app (available for iOS and Android enabled devices), they have the ability to view and select shifts they want to work based on their eligibility. The OfficerTRAK® App provides all the information an officer needs to know to work their job, plus many more useful industry-leading features.

What is the approval process for requests?

We follow your agency’s policy and procedure guidelines for all service requests. When we receive a request that requires extra guidance before approval, we will contact your designated agency liaison for direction. Agency administrators also have real-time access to all requests in the system.

Can limits be set for the number of hours/shifts an officer can work in a day/week?

Yes, using OfficerTRAK®, we can restrict an officer’s ability to sign-up for additional hours once they have met the agency’s daily, weekly, or monthly off-duty hours worked threshold.

It helps us both as an agency with our reputation with the off-duty employers, but it also helps us with the officer. If they are having an issue, whether personal or otherwise, we can identify that and try to get them some assistance. Without a doubt, Off Duty Management has saved us 80% or more.


Daniel Lewis Jr.

Lieutenant, Tucson, AZ Police Department

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