The Off-Duty Blind Spot – Retired Chief Brian Manley

Brian Manley, President of Off Duty Management and retired Chief of Austin PD, reveals his “blind spot”

“Many police leaders, myself included, have a ‘blind spot’ when it comes to an area of risk officers face when working in an off-duty capacity. It is often not understood or given any attention. While many overtime jobs will expose officers to the same physical and emotional risks as their on-duty responsibilities, there may be additional risks. If officers are not insured by their employing agency or by the private business during off-duty assignments, financial hardships can occur. If they are injured while working in an off-duty capacity medical bills and lost wages may not be covered.”

“We see many instances across the country where an officer’s workers’ compensation insurance does not cover them when injured working an off-duty assignment. and there have been issues with liability insurance as well. While these issues often do not rise to the top of a police chief’s priority list, chiefs who are truly committed to their officers’ health and wellness are well-advised to address this additional risk.”

“Often law enforcement leadership is equally unaware that the risks can be eliminated at no cost to their agencies or officers. I know I was unaware. I learned of these risks and the cost-free solution soon after I retired as the chief at APD.”

“Having retired from APD, I was looking for a way to continue serving the men and women of law enforcement and the communities they serve. Off Duty Management’s focus on protecting officers from the potential liabilities they face while working off-duty aligns with my continued commitment to officer wellness; the protections they afford the law enforcement agency and the private business sector aligns with my prior commitment to community service, and the quality of Off Duty Management’s product and services meet the high standards I demanded as a police chief.”

“What further drew me to Off Duty Management was the compassion for and commitment to those officers who continue to serve during these difficult times. Being a company founded and staffed with a wealth of prior law enforcement personnel and industry experts is evident in the unmatched product and service Off Duty Management delivers. I now serve as the company President and look forward to the opportunity to educate others on this risk and cost-free solution.”

– Off Duty Management President Brian Manley (retired Chief of Austin PD)