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Off-Duty Police Incidents: Workers’ Compensation for Injured Police Officers

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When police work extra-duty jobs and get hurt, who covers their medical fees and lost wages if they are working as 1099 contractors? What if the officer suffers a medical emergency or is seriously injured? Many departments are unaware of or do not take advantage of options that protect their offices while working off-duty.

Off-Duty Officer Shot While Stopping an Armed Robbery of a Vehicle

While working off-duty at a nearby business, a Phoenix police officer was advised about a group of suspects attempting to rob a vehicle. When the officer approached the situation, at least one suspect began firing a handgun at the officer. The officer was struck multiple times but thankfully survived.

Officer Wounded at Indianapolis Shooting

Two Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officers were working extra-duty at a bar when a disturbance erupted in the parking lot. One officer was shot during an exchange of gunfire between the officers and suspects. Four additional r people were shot and transported to the hospital.

Police Detective Shot and Killed at Miami Bar

A security guard working at a Miami bar was shot and killed while attempting to break up a fight. Two Doral police officers were working off-duty security at the bar also intervened. One of the officers was shot in the leg, and six other bystanders were hit by gunfire.

Police Chief Suffers Fatal Medical Emergency While Working Extra-Duty Shift

The Chief of the Northeast Mississippi Community College Police Department had been working multiple extra shifts at a junior college basketball tournament in Booneville and collapsed while working his fifth game in four days. Despite life-saving measures, he could not be revived.

Police Officer Dies from a Heart Attack while Working Off-Duty

A police officer working an off-duty job collapsed while responding to a reported break-in. He later died at the hospital of a confirmed heart attack.

Off-Duty Blind Spot

With most off-duty jobs, there is little to no liability or workers’ compensation coverage to protect police, leaving them vulnerable if they are injured or worse. In addition to scheduling, invoicing, collections, and payment, Off Duty Management offers workers’ compensation insurance (WCI) to provide wage replacement and medical benefits to your

officers if they are injured during secondary employment. Our state statutory WCI depends on the state where the officers reside, so it may include death benefits and cover life-saving emergency costs if the incident happened while the officer was working an extra-duty assignment.

Off Duty Management offers a comprehensive solution for police off-duty programs at NO COST to your agency, municipality, or officers. It includes scheduling software, administrative services, and insurance coverage to streamline processes and protect off-duty police officers. To learn more about our Complete Solution, click here.