Off-Duty Police News (24.1)

Ongoing Challenges of Off-Duty Jobs: Protecting Officers & Avoiding Disreputable Behavior  

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Issues with extra-duty details continue to make news headlines. Overtime fraud, officer-involved shootings, and injuries to officers are the top stories. 

D.C. Police Officer Charged With Fraud After Working Second Job While On-Duty 

A D.C. police officer was arrested after being charged with fraud for working a second job while reporting he was on duty between August 2021 and June 2023. He has been with the Metropolitan Police Department since 2014. 

Former Sergeant Charged with Wire Fraud for Double Billing and Billing for Time Not Worked 

A former New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) Sergeant was charged with twelve (12) counts of wire fraud for perpetrating a multi-year scheme to defraud the NOPD and the New Orleans Fair Grounds, an entity that paid for off-duty police details. According to the charge document, the Sergeant, on numerous occasions between January 2017 and November 2023, submitted timecards to the NOPD and time sheets to the Fair Grounds Patrol claiming to be on duty (for the NOPD) and on detail (for the Fair Grounds) when, in actuality, he was not on duty. 

Off-Duty Blind Spot 

Fraud cases like these happen too often. Most law enforcement agencies do not have the bandwidth and technology to oversee their officers working off-duty and on-duty shifts. But what if agencies could (1) hand off the administrative burden to a third-party vendor but still retain control of their extra-duty program and (2) implement a software platform that provides transparency of officer off-duty schedules?

Off Duty Management offers a complete solution Built By Officers For Officers. Our exclusive, industry-leading off-duty scheduling software solution, OfficerTRAK®, streamlines off-duty processes and provides accountability through web and mobile applications. Imagine your officers clocking in and out on a mobile app that uses a GPS feature to confirm their location while real-time reporting tracks hours to prevent overlapping or excessive hours and misreported timesheets. 

Little Rock Off-Duty Police Officer Fatally Shoots Man Suspected of Theft 

A Little Rock police officer working an off-duty security job at Walmart shot and killed a man suspected of theft. The man reportedly assaulted the officer with a knife when the officer tried to detain him. 

Nebraska Off-Duty Police Officers Fatally Shot Two Men 

Two police officers were placed on paid leave pending the outcome of an investigation into a fatal shooting. The officers were working off-duty at a local business around 2 AM when the shooting occurred.  

Off-Duty Blind Spot 

Officers working off-duty assignments face the same threats when working on duty, and their conduct is subject to the same standards. As these articles highlight, deadly force encounters also occur during routine off-duty work. In those times, it is vital for police agencies to have all possible protections in place should an officer be injured or face civil litigation. 

Off Duty Management provides these coverages to our partner agencies as part of our complete solution. In addition to administrative services and technology, we provide comprehensive liability insurance for agencies and their customers, as well as state statutory workers’ compensation for their officers. Our coverage ensures protection regardless of whether the officer’s actions occurred while operating under the color of law.