Off-Duty Police News (24.2)

Off-Duty Police Incidents: Protecting Officers Who Work Extra-Duty Jobs with Liability Insurance  

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When police work extra-duty jobs, they can encounter a deadly force situation, just as they may do when they work on duty. If a use of force occurs, who protects the officers while they go through the ensuing civil/criminal process? Many agencies are not aware that there are options available to assist in these circumstances.

Shooting at Houston Club Injures Four (4)

Two off-duty deputies working security asked two men to leave the bar after they began fighting. Once outside, the men argued with the deputies to regain entry, then got into a black Chevrolet SUV and opened fire. Bullets hit four people, including other security personnel. All four victims are expected to survive.

Deadly Shooting at Joel Osteen’s Houston Megachurch

A woman entered the church between Sunday services with her 7-year-old son and opened fire with an AR-style rifle in one of the hallways before being shot and killed by two off-duty officers working security. Two people were wounded, including the shooter’s son who was hospitalized.

Off-duty Police in Nebraska Cleared After Fatal Shooting

Two off-duty officers working security at a nightclub shot and killed two men after the men shot at a group of people. Prior to the shooting, the men were seen arguing with the group of people, and the officers broke it up.

Off-Duty Blind Spot 

Off Duty Management’s full-service platform provides liability and workers’ compensation insurance coverage that protects your police officers while they are working off-duty assignments. This coverage is necessary to eliminate the uncertainty around whether the officers’ agency or the private business will provide coverage if an incident occurs. Far too many officers have been denied coverage by their agency because they were working for a private business. Many private businesses also don’t provide coverage.

Off Duty Management provides a complete solution to assist your law enforcement agency with its off-duty program and protect your officers who work off-duty jobs. Our solution includes scheduling software, 24/7/365 administrative services, and insurance coverage at no cost to your agency or officers. To learn more about our Complete Solution, click here.