Injuries and Fraud Risks: Extra-Duty Officers Continue to Make Headlines 

Many police officers work off-duty jobs to bring in extra income, but these jobs can leave officers with financial complications if their off-duty program isn’t properly managed. A misrepresentation of work may occur when off-duty hours are not tracked properly, or some officers may not have proper insurance coverage. Off-duty management companies strive to help agencies mitigate risk and prevent headlines with administrative and insurance options.  

Off-Duty Police Officer Hit by Car After Responding to Fight Inside a Restaurant 

An extra-duty officer responded to a commotion at a fast-food restaurant where he found several people fighting. He chased one of the perpetrators outside the restaurant, where the perpetrator got into his car. The officer continued to pursue him on foot as he drove out of the parking lot. The suspect hit the officer, as well as a parked car with civilians inside.  

Off-Duty Blind Spot 

Officers remain at risk for injury and death, even when working off-duty. If workers’ compensation is not in place, officers with injuries may end up with medical debt or other financial issues due to missed work. A full-service off-duty management company can easily keep your officers covered while also providing efficient administrative services. 

Police Officer Found Guilty of Fraud for Misrepresented Off-Duty Hours 

An officer was found guilty of fraud after accepting payment for extra-duty hours he did not work. The officer failed to show up for multiple security and patrol shifts. His sentence included repayment and fines, as well as six months in jail.  

Off-Duty Blind Spot 

Many agencies do not have the administrative or software capabilities to keep track of all off-duty details. Proper tracking and reporting prevent misrepresentation of hours and fraudulent activities. Third-party off-duty programs use updated apps and screening programs to make sure officers are working relevant jobs and clocking in for assigned shifts.  

Shoplifting Suspect Runs Over Off-Duty Officer’s Foot 

After chasing a shoplifting suspect out of a store, the off-duty officer followed the suspect to his car. The suspect refused to surrender and proceeded to drive away, running over the police officer’s foot in the process.  

Off-Duty Blind Spot 

Police officers put the same effort into extra-duty jobs as they do for on-duty assignments. This leaves them at risk for the same issues they face while on duty. In this case, the officer sustained injuries to his foot that could leave him with medical debt and missed work. The right off-duty management company can provide both workers’ compensation and liability insurance to cover off-duty scenarios.  

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