Headlines Review October 2023

Navigating Off-Duty Challenges: Mitigating Off-Duty Risks with Professional Support 

Off-duty police details continue to make headlines with trends in injuries and incidents, including complicated legal challenges. Recent instances in the news continue to push the issues surrounding off-duty work and the need for agencies to address potential risks and liabilities. 

Off-Duty Officer Shoots and Injures Man on Indy’s East Side

An off-duty police officer, responding to gunfire inside a bar on the East Side of Indianapolis, shot and injured an alleged gunman who had reportedly harmed two individuals during the incident. The officer was placed on administrative leave pending investigations by both the IMPD Internal Affairs and the Use of Force Review Board. 

Off-Duty Blind Spot 

An officer’s off-duty conduct while working for private entities is subject to the same level of review as if it had occurred while on-duty. In this case, Internal Affairs and the Review Board must review this incident to ensure their officer followed agency policy. It is imperative that agencies have a strong program and policy outlining their officers’ authority and expectations while working these types of off-duty jobs.  


Lawsuit Accuses Embattled Bar Owner of Negligence 

Two off-duty police officers are suing a Gastonia bar owner for negligence because of injuries sustained while working as security guards.

Off-Duty Blind Spot 

While most agencies have established protocols for approving off-duty assignments, this incident highlights the importance of agencies reviewing the locations where they authorize their off-duty officers to work, the conditions of the work environment, and the appropriate number of officers/supervisors needed based on several factors including crowd size and availability of alcohol at the event/location.  


Colorado Springs Officer Assaulted by Shoplifting Suspect 

During a shoplifting incident, a police officer, working extra duty, and store employees were assaulted while the officer was attempting to serve a summons to the suspect, resulting in minor injuries to the officer and employees. 

Off-Duty Blind Spot 

Officers cannot normally determine if a subject may violently resist or if they’re carrying a weapon, and this increases the officers’ risk of injury while performing off-duty services. When off-duty officers get hurt, oftentimes, they do not have workers’ compensation to cover their medical expenses, and they miss work while recovering. Liability can also become an issue if an off-duty officer uses force during an altercation. 



Officer Assaulted by Students While Breaking Up Fight  

During an altercation at a school, a police officer working extra duty was attempting to break up a fight when he was attacked by students. This resulted in the officer deploying a taser for self-defense and three students being taken into custody for their involvement in this incident.  

Off-Duty Blind Spot 

Agencies can better protect their officers and off-duty employers by partnering with an off-duty management company that provides necessary insurance and liability coverage. Off Duty Management addresses these blind spots by offering a partnership that includes industry-leading software and services along with workers’ compensation and liability insurance to protect all parties involved in the off-duty employment contract.