Off-Duty Employment:  Accidents and Fraud Persist

We consistently see headlines involving police officers and off-duty work. The most common headlines refer to officers suffering injuries with no workers’ compensation or getting caught up in fraudulent activities. Officers and agencies often must live with the aftermath for several months or years after an incident or injury occurs. A partnership with Off Duty Management allows officers and agencies to minimize the risk and liability associated with off-duty work.

Officer Receives 16 Months in Prison for Tax Evasion

An officer evaded taxes by underreporting over one million dollars of income during a five-year period. He owned a private business for brokering off-duty police jobs.

Off-Duty Blind Spot

Off-duty law enforcement officers are often hired by private businesses through officers who act as brokers for these jobs. If agencies lack the ability to track the off-duty work performed by their officers, they are exposed to unnecessary risk and liability. A partnership with Off Duty Management, however, allows the agency to easily track and report hours of all off-duty assignments, creating transparency and accountability for the officer and agency.

Former Police Officer Pleads Guilty to Fraud for Working On and Off-Duty Jobs at the Same Time

A police officer worked an off-duty security job at a grocery store while scheduled to work an on-duty shift. He got paid for both assignments, even though he was not present at the on-duty shift. Officers in the agency are required to get prior approval to work off-duty jobs. The officer did not follow agency protocol, resulting in payment for shifts not worked.

Off-Duty Blind Spot

While this agency put a system in place for authorizing off-duty assignments, the officer managed to violate the rules for quite some time without getting caught. Agencies need proper tracking and reporting to minimize these types of fraudulent incidents. A partnership with Off Duty Management can restrict conflicting shifts and monitor clocking-in and clocking-out to make sure your officers are always where they are supposed to be.

Drunk Driver Hits Police Officer Working Off-Duty at a Road Construction Site

An off-duty police officer working a security job for the Texas Dept of Transportation received treatment at the hospital for minor injuries. A drunk driver hit him during his off-duty shift.  Authorities arrested the driver with DWI charges.

Off-Duty Blind Spot

Law enforcement officers encounter dangerous situations at most job locations, whether on or off duty. Getting hit by a drunk driver can cause life-threatening injuries or death. Without workers’ compensation for your off-duty officers, they remain at risk of severe medical debt and lost wages. Furthermore, in the case of a death, the officer’s family may not receive compensation.

Shoplifting Suspect Resists Arrest: Altercation with Off-Duty Officer

An officer working a security detail at a local store encountered a shoplifter during his shift. After approaching the subject, a physical altercation ensued. The officer suffered injuries and required treatment by emergency personnel.

Off-Duty Blind Spot

Officers have no way to tell if a subject may violently resist arrest. Suspects may also carry weapons, increasing the risk of physical injury for officers. When off-duty officers get hurt, they often do not have workers’ compensation to cover their medical expenses and missed work. Liability can also become an issue if an officer uses a firearm or force during an altercation. The best way to remedy this situation is for agencies to partner with an off-duty management company that offers workers’ compensation and liability. Off Duty Management is that partner.

Off-duty police work often comes with the same risks officers face every day at their regular jobs. The difference is the lack of transparency, workers’ compensation coverage, and liability coverage. When you partner with Off Duty Management, your officers receive the best possible care at no cost. Mitigating risk for your officers keeps them out of the headlines and protects them at all off-duty jobs.  Off Duty Management is the partner you can trust to mitigate the risk and liability associated with off-duty work.