Off-Duty Officer Saves Little Girl from Being Hit by a Car


On December 20, 2023, Lt. David Ward from Forrest County Sheriff’s Office was working an off-duty night job at the Corner Market in Hattiesburg, MS. While outside visiting with the Salvation Army bell ringers, he noticed a little girl running ahead of her parents into the roadway and path of an oncoming vehicle. Ward yelled at the driver to STOP, and fortunately, they heard him and slammed on their brakes just in time, the child a mere five feet from their front bummer. The child returned to her parents, and Ward saw the family across the street to the Market. The driver parked their vehicle and came to Ward to personally thank him, hugging him in tears because they never saw the child. Thanks to the Lieutenant, the little girl was not injured, and tragedy was averted. 

Lt. Ward’s heroic action can be seen in this video below.

We applaud Lt. David Ward for his quick and decisive action! 

This is just one success story of many that highlights the benefits off-duty officers provide at local stores and community events. Officers are trained to prevent incidents and diffuse situations, are well-versed in local law, and respond effectively to stop crime. They keep customers and employees safe and businesses from coming under future fire in the form of legal action. To put it simply, off-duty police officers give business owners peace of mind and also provide that same peace to staff and patrons. 

Off Duty Management is proud to partner with the Forrest County Sheriff’s Office, providing administrative support, scheduling software, and insurance protection for their agency and officers working off-duty jobs.