Off-Duty Headlines - Feb'23

Police Officers Face Risks During Off-Duty Jobs

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Proper management of off-duty programs benefits agencies, officers, and their community vendors. Police officers face risks and work hard to protect citizens during both on-duty and off-duty jobs. Officers should receive compensation benefits in all situations, not just while working on-duty.  Law enforcement officers often do not realize the color of law and insurance may not apply to many off-duty situations. Injuries and liability from critical incidents can leave officers with medical and legal debt, as well as no coverage for lost wages. Agencies can improve the accountability of their program and avoid off-duty headlines with a comprehensive off-duty program. 


2/12 Officer Tased While Escorting Man Out of Restaurant: Ends up Shooting Perpetrator

Restaurant employees asked the off-duty officer to remove a subject from the premises. The man gained access to the officer’s taser and used it on the officer. The officer responded to the attack by firing a shot into the man’s chest. Thankfully, the officer survived the violent encounter.

Off-Duty Blind Spot

Police officers are expected to protect the public with the same on-duty integrity when they work off-duty assignments. They experience constant exposure to danger and risk, including the risk of injury and liability. All officers should have the proper insurance coverage to get the care they need if incidents or injuries occur. Compromising officer benefits should never become an option.


2/16 Off-Duty Officer Responds to Mall Shooting: Common Risk for Off-Duty Jobs

An officer working an off-duty security job at a mall heard shots at the food court and responded to the scene. The incident ended with one fatality, and two injured, an outcome possible whenever an officer is working an off-duty job. The officer was fortunate to apprehend the suspect without firing his weapon. 

Off-Duty Blind Spot

Officers never know what events may take place during their off-duty shifts. A simple job can become dangerous quickly when a perpetrator enters the scene. While this law enforcement officer did not get hurt, the potential for injury or death existed. Without insurance coverage, off-duty, injured workers incur medical bills and don’t get paid for missing work. A comprehensive off-duty solution adopted by police agencies works to cover officers for accidents and injuries.


2/20 Off-Duty Officer Responded to Shots Fired During Mardi Gras Celebrations

Off-duty law enforcement officers working security during a Mardi Gras parade responded immediately after hearing shots.  They found one shooting victim and chased down two suspects. The officers caught the suspects and took them into custody.

Off-Duty Blindspot

Officers working off-duty at large events take on the responsibility of public safety while facing a personal risk of harm. The pursuit of an armed suspect can bring the risk of severe injury or off-duty deaths. Even the physical activity of capturing and restraining a suspect can result in minor injuries. Injuries may result in medical bills and missed work. Workers’ compensation coverage is a necessity for all off-duty jobs, large and small.


3/4 Shoplifting Suspect Points Gun at Store Employee and Police Officer Working Off-Duty

An officer and loss prevention employee stopped a suspected shoplifter as he was leaving a store. The suspect pulled out a gun and pointed it at the two employees. The police officer responded by firing his gun at the suspect. 

Off-Duty Blind Spot

Theft intervention efforts can become dangerous when a suspect carries a weapon. Dangerous situations can arise quickly when confronting a perpetrator. Thankfully, no one was seriously injured during this episode. If an injury occurs, however, officers need the option to file a compensation claim. Your law enforcement agency can make sure fellow officers are covered by working with an off-duty management company. 


Off Duty Management is dedicated to supporting and protecting law enforcement by providing law enforcement professionals with liability insurance and workers’ compensation; we offer an efficient off-duty coverage strategy. Police officers face substantial risk when taking on off-duty jobs. A vast majority of these assignments involve security protocols, large crowds, and loss prevention. Police departments can find out more about protecting their officers by reaching out to Off Duty Management for more information on our comprehensive solution.