Recognizing the Risks of Off-Duty Employment

Recognizing the risks of off-duty employment can protect your agency and officers from harmful situations and unfavorable media headlines. Officers may even find themselves facing civil litigation and financial exposure from an incident that occurred while working off-duty.  Whether concerns involve financial issues, scheduling, or insurance coverage, hiring a third-party provider to administer your off-duty program can help mitigate this risk.

Officer Delivers Deadly Shot While Working an Off-Duty Security Job

An off-duty officer working on a security team at a church shot a man during an altercation. The incident happened in the church parking lot. The officer used force after a dispute became physical. The man tried to take the officer’s gun.

Off-Duty Blind Spot

Off-duty officers can encounter trouble during any job. The officer in this situation might face litigation accompanied by legal fees to defend himself if the suspect sues for the injuries suffered. Partnering with an off-duty management company ensures liability insurance is available to officers when needed. A reputable off-duty administration company covers agencies, officers, and off-duty employers with a substantial liability policy.

 Police Officer Accused of Billing for Off-Duty Hours He Did Not Work

A police officer allegedly billed a private employer for more than double the number of hours he actually worked. He was arrested for felony theft after an investigation. Surveillance video from the employer helped authorities identify the discrepancies between time worked and hours billed.

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With an off-duty management company, all hours worked are tracked and reported. Officers must clock in and out from their mobile device app, holding them accountable for committed shifts. Agencies can track on-duty hours but may also need resources to monitor off-duty schedules.

Man Tackled to the Ground by Off-Duty Officer in a Walmart Parking Lot Sues for Damages

A man walked out of Walmart after a dispute over a money order. Off-duty officers working a security detail followed him to the parking lot. Security footage shows officers using physical force. The man is suing all parties involved, including the store, the private security company, and the county.

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When officers work off-duty jobs, they still represent their agency and the private company that employs them. Liability becomes an issue when someone gets injured or chooses to sue for wrongdoing. Liability coverage with an off-duty management company remains the best option for covering officers, agencies, and off-duty employers.

Federal Lawsuit Begins Concerning an Altercation in a School with an Off-Duty Officer

An officer working an off-duty security job at a middle school intervened to break up a fight between students in the lunchroom. The father of one of the students is suing for excessive use of force. The lawsuit has recently been filed against the school district, the agency, and the officer.

Off-Duty Blind Spot

Liability can occur when altercations occur during an off-duty shift. Legal situations can become lengthy, with fees accruing during the entire process. Reach out to an off-duty management program to make sure your agency and officers are covered. A reputable off-duty solution also covers the vendors that hire officers for off-duty assignments.


Off Duty Management partners with agencies to bring transparency, accountability, and easier scheduling for off-duty programs. Insurance coverage is an ongoing problem for officers working off-duty. Many misconceptions about coverage prevent agencies and officers from understanding the urgency of partnering with an off-duty management company. Contact the experts at Off Duty Management to find out how to improve efficiency and protect all parties involved in the off-duty process.