What is Off Duty Management?


Off Duty Management provides law enforcement with a trusted platform and mobile app to streamline off-duty services. From scheduling to invoicing to payments, and all the details in between, our complete solution provides accountability and transparency and reduces liability. 

How Does It Work? 

Our complete solution is made up of many parts, but the first and most important thing to know is our agency partners retain control of their off-duty programs. We leave the decision making up to you while we take on the full administrative burden. In the same vein, we tailor our services and configure our technology platform to conform to your agency’s policies and procedures. 

It begins with administration… 

Off Duty Management relieves its agency partners of the administrative tasks of scheduling, publishing, invoicing, collecting, and payroll. This frees up agencies and officers so they can focus on what really matters: protecting and serving their communities. Also, because we do it all for you, you can save up to 85% of the time, money, and resources associated with most in-house off-duty programs. And who doesn’t want that? 

When we schedule off-duty assignments, it’s done in accordance with your rules and standards. You provide us with a list of officers approved to work off-duty details, and we’ll provide multiple options to assign jobs, including First Come First Served, Seniority, Previous Hours Worked, and Bidding. Our Service and Support team will also review and verify job requests to ensure compliance and prevent jobs from getting scheduled outside of your guidelines. 

Next comes OfficerTRAK®… 

OfficerTRAK® is our exclusive scheduling software platform. It includes the industry’s top-rated mobile app of the same name which is specifically built for first responders to manage their off-duty work. 

OfficerTRAK® provides accessibility through both its mobile and web application. Customers can request service, approve job estimates, and make payments (via credit card and ACH) through a dedicated online portal. Officers can accept jobs, manage notifications and reminders, clock-in and -out, and share communications between officers and their agency. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, administrators gain accountability and transparency through real-time and historic reporting. 

All agency data is stored in a secure, cloud-based environment and easily retrievable when needed for a review or audit. Real-time data capture and reporting also ensure officers are not overworked and follow agency policies and procedures. Additional features of OfficerTRAK® that our agency partners value and appreciate include configurable job publishing, on-demand and historic reports, and sharing of field notes and photos/videos between officers and their agency. 

And then there’s everyone’s favorite – invoicing and payroll… 

Off Duty Management performs all invoicing and collection tasks and guarantees timely payment of payroll regardless of customer payment status. We offer two (2) options for payroll processing: (1) officers are paid directly by us as 1099 employees, or (2) payment can be made to the agency or municipality for internal payroll processing. 

We assume all financial risk for late or non-payment from off-duty customers. In such instances, we’ll follow commercial collection practices in accordance with state law, but that’s our situation to deal with, not yours or your officers.  

Oh, and did we mention our liability coverage… 

Off Duty Management protects first responders, agencies, municipalities, and customers who request off-duty services with comprehensive liability coverage. In the event of an incident, all parties involved will be covered. We also provide workers’ compensation for our 1099 officers so if an officer is injured while working an off-duty job, their medical expenses and lost wages are covered, as well as any legal fees. 

And we are available 24/7/365… 

We have a dedicated 24/7/365 Service & Support Team, based in Katy, TX, to assist your agency, officers, and customers by phone and online. Always live, always real – no chatbots, voicemails, or long wait times. Our average speed to answer is less than a minute, and over 95% of calls are resolved in under five (5) minutes. 

All of this at NO COST to you! 

Yes, you read that right! Everything we just discussed we provide at NO COST to the municipality, agency, or its first responders. What about software and mobile app training, plus support and software upgrades? Let us say it again: NO COST! 

So, how does Off Duty Management get paid? 

Simple. We charge a small administrative fee to your customers. In return, your customers are also reaping the benefits of our solution. They get exceptional 24/7/365 service, protection through our liability and workers’ compensation insurance coverage, and easy online access to request off-duty details. Also, they will no longer have the burden of managing officer payroll or end of the year tax forms because we do all that for them. Because we make it so easy to hire off-duty officers, we have seen an increase in the number of customers and job requests and an increase in job fill rates. 

In a nutshell, Off Duty Management is dedicated to supporting and protecting law enforcement agencies, their officers, and community businesses by offering a configurable, centrally administered, no-cost solution that manages all aspects of off-duty / extra-duty programs and allows agencies to protect officers working outside duty assignments. 

Still have questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions or Schedule a Demo with Us!